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1 JUNE 2018


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This is an artistic center where the program beneficiaries have an opportunity to network, attend entrepreneurial workshops, do major projects together, share resources and develop their businesses. The program mainly focuses on young talented people in the art industry and equips them with skills to enable them have a competitive edge in the market place.
Currently, we have trained various cohorts and various beneficiaries of the program who successfully completed the program are utilizing their skills in the various placements that MDA has provided for them for practice on what they have learnt so far.
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The Academy seeks to equip youths on: -

  • 1. Developing desirable character among talented people;
  • 2. Cultivation of Social responsibilities;
  • 3. Mold talented people to adapt in a competitive market; and
  • 4. Train and develop talented people that they may flourish in their gifting’s.


Our target include young gifted people aged between 18 – 35 who are in the art industry i.e Performing arts (Dance, Music, Spoken Word) & Visual arts (Photography, Fine arts and design, graphic designers).
Our main aim is to train and equip these young people with Personal development skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Legalities & Legal Framework and Financial management skills.

I am grateful for the opportunity to go through the Talent Hub Program. I learnt a lot on how to manage my talent in dance and also build it as a business venture. I have now started my own brand and earning from it.
Peter Chomba
My Journey with the Talent Hub has left me with a sense of enlightment about how to develop my gift. I was given the tools to make a difference, now all that is left is to make a difference.
Francis Otieno
The decision to go through the Talent Hub Programme was a turn around factor in my life. Here I made close friends and unlikely group of people I now call family. I have gained relevant skills on how to build my own dance company. Am so excited!
Sylvance Odhiambo
I was invited to register for the Talent Hub Program by a friend. I don’t regret making the decision. I have gained confidence and skills on how to build my gift into a business venture. I have now started my own dance fitness company (Fiti dance Ltd)
Simon Kamau
I learnt a lot in Talent Hub from Goal setting, time management, how to start and run a company, how to manage my finances and create wealth. Honestly, this a life transforming programme.
Emily Wangombe
I never at one time imagined that I could earn well through my gift. I always knew that careers such as Medicine, Engineering and Architecture were the thing. The Talent Hub program enabled me to see on how I can package my gift professionally and give me a competitive edge globally.
Annie Mideva